Company Awards Local Students Scholarships in Celebration of a Century in Business

Brookneal, VA – Foster Fuels awards local students scholarships for higher education as part of their celebration of a century in business and FosterGives campaign. To say thanks to their loyal customers, Foster Fuels partnered with the Watt Foster Family Foundation to offer 100 scholarships to customers and their dependents seeking to attend a two-year school, four-year school, or trade

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Foster Fuels to Award 100 Scholarships for 100 Years

Brookneal, VA – As part of its FosterGives initiative and the company's centennial celebration, Foster Fuels and the Watt Foster Family Foundation will be awarding 100 scholarships to its customers as part of a one-time scholarship giveaway. Applications are being accepted now through May 31, 2021. "Children's education is vital to the success of our

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Propane vs. Electric Water Heaters

When the water heater in your home is a great one, everyone is happy. The hot water comes on right away, and it lasts throughout a whole shower — or even two or three. It costs a reasonable amount each month, and it gives your family the peace of mind of knowing that it is

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Temporary Delivery Ticket Placement Information

To further provide a safe experience for our customers and employees, Foster Fuels has temporarily suspended leaving delivery tickets at the door. Tickets will be left inside the lid of the tank, till further notice. How will I know I've received a delivery?  Below illustrates how the ticket will be placed under the lids. A

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Does Propane Cut Emissions?

Propane is an appealing fuel for many reasons. It is a reliable, affordable, American-made fuel that can heat a home for the winter just as easily as it can power a small grill on the Fourth of July. The National Propane Gas Association estimates approximately 50 million American households use propane in some form, with 7.8 million

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Foster Fuels Team Members Complete Jet A Training

Team Members Complete Jet A Training LYNCHBURG, Va. – As part of Foster Fuels’ on-going training and talent diversification, several team members completed their Jet A fuel training, adding a new trade to their repertoire. These versatile team leaders continually strive to develop their teams through safety-focused, hands-on training. Foster Fuels' aviation fueling experts are

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Foster Fuels Donates $2,500 to American Legion

Foster Fuels donates $2,500 to American Legion Post 16 to kick off campaign to purchase transport van LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – Foster Fuels has made a donation of $2,500 Thursday morning to the American Legion Post 16 in their effort to raise funds to purchase a transport van with a wheelchair lift. The donation begins

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Foster Fuels Donates to Market-Area Schools

Foster Fuels Donates to Market-Area Schools December 20, 2019 BROOKNEAL, VA – In lieu of a company Christmas party this season, Foster Fuels made the decision to donate the party budget to 13 local elementary schools in their market. Employees located near each school represented Foster Fuels as they hand delivered each check. Foster Fuels’

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Do Propane Tanks Rupture? What You Need to Know

"Will my propane tank burst?" That's a question many people ask when they're considering the purchase of a propane system for the first time. Perhaps you've heard stories of propane fuel tanks rupturing or seen an online video of a propane-induced fireball. These circumstances may have been enough to make you avoid using anything involving

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Foster Fuels named “Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation”

Foster Fuels was named as an “Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Central Virginia Chapter. The family-owned company was recognized for its record of charitable giving throughout communities in central Virginia.   Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been serving its community and partnering with local and global organizations to help better the community.

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