Why Do My Gas Logs Smell?

Are you concerned about a distinct gas odor coming from your ventless gas fireplace? It’s natural to be worried when you smell gas in the home, but in this case, the odds are that the condition is harmless. In fact, a faint gas smell is an unavoidable consequence of using gas fireplace logs. More than

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Foster Fuels’ Guide to Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter

As the leaves turn and we know that winter is coming, the annual battle against Jack Frost resumes in earnest. This battle is waged on two fronts: our houses and our wallets. Fortunately for us, victory on one front means victory on the other. Finding ways to make your house more energy efficient, and therefore

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Pilot Light Problems? Let Us Help!

What is a pilot light? A pilot light is a small, constantly burning flame within most propane appliances. The only time pilot lights aren’t included is when an appliance has an electric ignition instead. When needed, a pilot light is used to ignite the main burner in your appliance. Without this, your heater system, dryer,

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The History of the Fireplace

Even though the birthday of the fireplace is unknown, they have been used for over thousands of years, beginning during the Stone Age as simple dug out holes. In earlier times, the fireplace was a necessity, serving as the hub and main heat source for the home and was relied on for cooking and baking.

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Why should I get my gas logs cleaned?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T3DznGqLv0 When the next winter season rolls around, you’re ready to turn up the heat with your Foster Fuels fireplace but how ready is it actually? It might not seem as important to clean, but taking care of your gas logs can actually help you save in the long run. How do I know

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