Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring

Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been a full-service fuel provider for homes, businesses, and agricultural operations in Virginia and beyond. In that time, technology has advanced and improved considerably—newer, more sophisticated monitoring systems allow us to provide a higher level of service and value to each of our customers. 

With the introduction of remote tank monitoring, it’s easier than ever to plan and budget your fuel needs. Our technology puts powerful reporting tools at your fingertips and ensures you will never run out of fuel when you need it.

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Whether your business runs on gasolinediesel, or propane, Foster Fuels can install a tank monitoring system that makes meeting your fuel needs easy. This small, unobtrusive device requires almost no maintenance and automatically alerts our team when your supply falls below a certain level.

If you have ever dealt with the frustration of realizing you’re low on fuel, only to find out from your provider that it may take two or three days to get a truck out to your location, you will understand the value of this technology. Save your staff the time and hassle of having to eyeball fuel levels and get peace of mind knowing you’ll never run out. Remote tank monitoring is ideal for farms or rural businesses where accessibility is an issue.


In addition to ensuring you have fuel when you need it, remote propane tank monitoring gives you access to important insights about the way you use fuel in your business. Foster Fuels can provide weekly email reports, graphs, and inventory status updates that make it easy to identify trends quickly. You can even get updates texted to your phone!

A sudden spike in usage can indicate inefficiencies in your system or other problems. Fuel monitoring allows you to take corrective action and minimize repair costs. This important information can be accessed any time via the Foster Fuels website, whether you’re in the office or out in the field.

A History of Innovation for Almost 100 Years

Remote fuel monitoring is only one example of how Foster Fuels is embracing new technology to serve our customers better. We also offer convenient online bill paying, fuel quality and testing services, green alternatives such as biodiesel and ethanol, and more. Whether you have a single tank or multiple storage units across your facility, we allow you to run cleaner, allocate resources more efficiently, and meet the regulatory challenges of the future.

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