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Whole-home heating with propane offers a wide variety of benefits. Propane upgrades your home to another level of comfort, efficiency and convenience.


There are multiple reasons why more and more homes in Virginia are switching to propane heating. If you’re considering upgrading anything in your home to propane and have been wondering about the benefits, consider the following:

  • Propane is a readily available, economic choice for home heating. Residential propane prices are consistently lower than fuel oil and less prone to fluctuation over time.
  • Propane is a clean-burning product listed by the Clean Air Act as a viable alternative fuel source. Propane produces fewer emissions than other petroleum-derived products, which contributes to cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • 90% of propane sold in the U.S. is produced domestically, making it an important choice for anyone concerned about energy independence. This also means the price of propane is not affected by international events.
  • Many appliances can be powered by propane, too. It is estimated that switching an electric stove, water heater or fireplace for a propane-powered unit can save you up to 50% on your electricity bills!


If you’re considering upgrading your home water heater to a conventional tank or a new, energy-efficient on-demand model, visit Foster Fuels today. We carry a large selection of propane water heaters and offer expert service to keep your purchase working its best for years to come. Learn More >> 


In Virginia, smart homeowners rely on propane generators for all their backup power needs. Propane is a clean-burning, readily available fuel source that can be counted on for efficient operation in an emergency. Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been providing fuel delivery throughout VA. If you’re in the market for an emergency power solution, we have a great selection of propane generators for home use. Learn More >> 


Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been the professionals’ choice for fuel delivery and many other related products and services. Who better to bring modern convenience and comfort to your home with a wide selection of propane appliances? 

To better serve residential customers throughout Virginia and beyond, Foster Fuels operates four Hearth & Home locations where you can take advantage of our deep industry connections, in addition to decades of expertise with great prices and exceptional service.  Learn More >> 


Using a supplemental heating source in your home like a propane fireplace, gas log set or space heater are both an economical and efficient way to warm your home. Not only do these appliances provide a warm and cozy ambiance, they are also very practical.  

Propane appliances run up to 90% efficiency compared to 15% of a wood-burning fire. They are also environmentally friendly, have minimal installation costs and can be installed without a natural gas line, allowing flexibility for a fireplace in almost any room of the house. Learn More >> 


During the worst of winters, you count on your furnace to keep you and your family warm against the cold outside. For most people, winter is also the most expensive time of the year due to the increase in their heating bill. 

At Foster Fuels, we provide energy, cost and carbon savings for both new and existing homes through the use of our propane furnaces. We also know that you need affordable reliability – that’s why we created the Autofill program to ensure that your tank never runs out of propane and you never run out of heat. Contact a sales representative today to learn how you can set up Autofill. Learn More >> 


There is a reason why professional chefs choose to cool on gas ranges. Cooking on a gas stove proves many benefits. Gas ranges provide instant gas flames and greater temperature control than electric ranges. They also provide more even heat distribution and the burners cool much more quickly when turned off. Propane ovens retain moisture in foods more consistently than their electric counterparts. Learn More >> 


Propane dyers are faster than their electric counterparts. They are less expensive and more economical to run. Propane dryers use the same operation and ventilation requirements, making them easy to install. They also produce a moist heat that is gentler on fabrics and helps keep your clothes in good condition, longer. Another benefit is that they reduce wrinkles and static cling due to the moist heat.

Learn more about propane efficiency by downloading our infographic

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Just a quick comment about the customer service I receive anytime I need help from your store in Rustburg on route 29. WD Holland has been extremely great at taking care of me and my family. He’s a professional courteous and always willing to help either with a purchase or just a simple question. Dale also is right there with him willing to help. These men are for sure the face of Foster Fuels!  

William Gavin

I would like to especially commend your employees Jonathan and Brandon for their courtesy and for their expertise in installing the tank where I wanted and for not damaging nearby plantings and shed. They were friendly and always most professional. I look forward to dealing with Foster Fuels in the future in large part due to the quality of your employees. Thank you. 

Parham R. Fox

Called last Tuesday to have Mike come out and look about adding a new tank. He came out Thursday. New Tank delivered this Tuesday and filled first thing this AM! Always a pleasure working with them! Polite staff and crew and always go above and beyond! Thank you for superior service! 

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