Jet A Fuel Service & Provision


Whether you need an emergency jet fuel delivery or a regular fill-up, Foster Fuels is the partner you need by your side for Jet A fuel delivery. When you choose us for your Jet A fuel, you’ll receive the reliability and professionalism we’ve shown our commercial customers since 1921.


Jet A is a flammable, kerosene-type jet fuel normally only available in the United States. This fuel enjoys massive popularity in American aviation—more than 575 million barrels of aviation fuel were produced in 2016 alone. Jet A is notably similar to Jet A-1—a common type of jet fuel in the U.K. and elsewhere around the world—but has a higher maximum freezing point of -40 degrees Celsius. Both Jet A and its international counterpart have a density of 6.71 pounds per gallon.

You’ll recognize Jet A by its pure white or straw white color and its smell, which is similar to that of kerosene. The fuel should be sumped daily to ensure it stays clean, dry and on-color, and maintains a proper odor.

Along with standalone use, Jet A can be blended with Fuel System Icing Inhibitors (FSIIs), such as Di-EGME or PRIST. These FSIIs prevent ice from forming in the fuel lines. You can also buy either traditional Jet A or bio-based jet fuel, which has proven successful in many flights.


If you need Jet A fuel for your private plane or commercial fleet, you’ll find several aviation fuel delivery options to meet your needs with Foster Fuels. Our Jet A delivery solutions include:

  • Bulk Transport: If you buy and store your fuel in bulk, you’ll find bulk transport options suited to your needs. We can deliver massive quantities both locally and within 100 miles of our Brookneal, VA, location.
  • Fuel Delivery: Need to schedule regular Jet A or Jet A with PRIST fill-ups? We’ll deliver your fuel directly to your terminal on a schedule of your choosing. We have delivery access to numerous terminals across the nation.


Foster Fuels has transported tens of thousands of gallons of Jet A fuel since our Jet Aviation Enterprise’s establishment. These customers choose Foster Fuels for a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Expertise: Our knowledgeable fuel delivery team is ACE-certified via Shell Aviation. Each team member is meticulously trained to retrieve and analyze Jet A samples for water, particulate, specific gravity, color, and odor—you can rest assured you will only receive fuel of the highest quality.
  • Affordability: Unlike other fuel delivery companies, we’re not limited to a single supplier. This setup keeps your costs lower, resulting in exceptional affordability.
  • Excellence: Foster Fuels’ Jet A is filtered at the industry’s highest quality control levels to ensure you receive a dry and clean product every time.
  • Convenience: Looking for same-day service or flexible billing options? We’ve got you covered. We offer fast filling for both small and large orders, remote monitoring services so we always know when you’re running low, and online billing available at a single click.

Receive Jet A Delivery From a Trusted Aviation Fuel Supplier

Foster Fuels offers the delivery options, speed, affordability, and expertise you expect from your jet fuel supplier. Let us help you—contact us online or call us at 800-344-6457 for more information or order your Jet A fuel delivery now.