Emergency Fueling for Retail, Wholesale and Warehouses


With millions of dollars on the line, large manufacturing and retail facilities need a plan to avoid costly downtime. We can help you develop a business continuity plan and provide the services to keep your business running with emergency fueling. You cannot run your facility at 100% with workers missing time, so Foster Fuels sets up full-service fueling centers on site to serve your employees. Unlike your local gas station, we will not run out of fuel.

Foster Fuels also fuels large-scale generators that keep your business running. Whether you run a grocery store, home improvement supply house, or emergency supplies facility, we will keep you up and running to serve customers who need to buy essential supplies.


You never know when a natural disaster or other widespread event could cause a power outage. If you don’t have a fully functioning generator, this could cost you valuable company hours. It becomes an even bigger problem in a warehouse, wholesale industry, or similar business that could lose thousands of dollars just in the cost of damaged goods and a stop in production. We provide emergency fuel deliveries for your warehouse 24/7/365 so that if something goes wrong, you’ll receive a rapid response no matter where you are located.

If a wholesale business were to crash for a long period of time, the downtime could mean missed deadlines, lost sales, and a huge profit decrease. While backup generator fuel for your warehouse costs money up front, it gives you strategic preparation for the worst emergency situations imaginable, so you stay in business no matter what happens.

At Foster Fuels Mission Critical, we’ve succeeded in notable wide-scale emergency responses for companies of every industry in disasters like Superstorm Sandy, the Kentucky Ice Storms, and the recent tragedies in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.


Efficient inventory turnover is of the utmost importance when you run a retail company, wholesale company, or warehouse. At Foster Fuels, we offer the fuel services your facility needs for continuous operation. Time truly is money when you deal in inventory—especially for goods that need a temperature-controlled environment. Allow us to give you peace of mind and save you from costly downtime.

At Foster Fuels’ Mission Critical division, we provide several emergency contracts and disaster preparedness plans for warehouses, wholesale businesses, and other customers who benefit from our services most. If you’re unsure which one of our service agreements would be the best option for your facility, give us a call at +1 800-344-6457 so our knowledgeable and experienced team members can offer the advice you need and help you understand the best plan for your unique organization.

We offer an unrivaled professionalism to keep our customers safe and satisfied at all times. Awarded Superior Supplier for the DLA three years in a row, we strive to maintain exceptional assistance for all of our customers so we can live up to the title.

Learn more about how we can help your organization plan for emergency fuel delivery.


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