Fuel Tank Pump-out Services

It’s important to stay up to date on fuel tank maintenance and repairs to maximize the quality and effectiveness of your fuel for industrial applications. Foster Fuels’ fuel tank pump-out services make your tank more sustainable while allowing you to conduct safer and more cost-effective operations.

Our expert team will service your fuel delivery and storage equipment to help you return to the smooth running of your operations. While it is not always obvious when your fuel tank requires pump-out services, it is always best to stay ahead of potential issues that may arise.

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Business decision-makers may need assistance from a fuel tank pump-out service for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Fuel transfer: The first reason you might want to have fuel pumped out of its current container is if you’re planning to move the fluid into a brand-new tank. Fuel vessels can wear out eventually or outlive their usefulness as needs and specifications change. As a result, you may need a service that can help you transfer good fuel from one location to another.
  • A tank leak: Another situation that requires pump-out services is a leaking tank. Tank leaks can lead to fuel loss and potential fire risks. If your tank has a leak, you’ll need to remove the fuel quickly and fix the issue. Our services help you save this fuel before it can leak out and then we’ll repair the damage so you can keep using the tank.
  • A contaminated tank: Underground storage tanks are often vulnerable to corrosion, which can contaminate your fuel. Contaminated fuel tanks lower efficiency rates and cause unwanted downtime for your organization. Pump-out services remove the fluid so you can have the necessary cleaning or repairs done.


Tank pump-out services involve removing fuel from an aboveground or underground storage tank. Usually, the tank will have access points where hoses can take out the fluid. We perform a full inspection and look for contamination, leaks or corrosion before emptying the tank with our fuel pump-out equipment. We have the necessary tools and expertise to pump out fuel from tanks of various sizes.

Pumping out the entire tank might be necessary if you have a large amount of sediment or bacteria backed up inside. This process will allow us to properly clear out the tank and prepare it for a full cleaning service to prevent mold growth.


Getting your fuel tested and analyzed regularly by professionals is crucial for maintaining the quality of your fuel and preventing contamination. However, it is still essential to be able to identify tank contamination and address the issue accordingly. Here are common signs of tank contamination.

Clogged Filters

Pump dispenser filters for fuel tanks are known to last a year or more under the right conditions. If your tank has been fouled by sludge, sediment or bacteria, these filters can become clogged and require more frequent changes. This is often the first sign that your storage container needs to be cleaned.

Reduced Performance and Efficiency

Fuel performance and efficiency losses are also signs of contamination. These can indicate that the ethanol in your fuel has absorbed too much water. When ethanol-based fuel soaks up water, the ethanol will ultimately sink to the bottom, leaving users and consumers to suck out a high water concentration. A contaminated fuel sample will usually have a cloudy appearance.

Tank Erosion

It should be standard procedure to check your tank for any holes, rust or cracks, as they may indicate that foreign contaminants are eating away at your tank. Tank erosion occurs when fuel contamination levels reach a critical point, especially when it is immediately visible.


Fuel tanks play a significant role in storing and ensuring the safety and efficiency of fuel products. Maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of these tanks is an essential part of your organization’s overall operation. At Foster Fuels, we have been providing fuel tank pump-out services for aboveground and underground tanks for decades.

When you partner with us for your fuel pump out needs, you can benefit from:

  • Reliable service: We have experienced technicians, tools and capabilities to perform a fuel tank pump-out effectively and efficiently.
  • Commitment to your success: Tank contamination or a leak can significantly impact the productivity levels of your operations and result in numerous expenses. That is why we only provide high-quality service to help ensure your equipment performs at its best and offers long-lasting functionality.
  • High level of expertise: As a leading fuel supplier and tank maintenance expert who has been around for over 100 years, we have the expertise to handle projects of any size. We also always strive to exceed expectations by delivering the best results.
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