Government Contractors

If you have a contract with the government or a tenant, those agreements likely contain clauses related to business continuity planning. We offer routine fuel quality testing and guaranteed emergency fuel service that satisfy these types of requirements. Although you might have an agreement with a generator provider, most generator agreements do not address fuel quality or fuel supply. During a critical incident, eliminating risks is essential. Fuel supply and fuel quality are two risks that Foster Fuels can eliminate. We have the resources to guarantee your fuel during demanding times, so let us help you develop a plan for emergency fuel situations and give you peace of mind.

We Are One of the Few Companies That Provides Dedicated Emergency Fuel Services for Government Contractor Facilities

While many companies can provide routine fuel delivery for contractors, Foster Fuels is one of the few that has a separate division dedicated to emergency service. We’re always ready to provide fast, reliable fuel deliveries during natural and man-made disasters, significant weather events, and other emergencies. By partnering with Foster Fuels Mission Critical, you can fulfill your contractual obligations to your government clients—and assure them that the fuel they need to remain up and running in an emergency is always readily available.

In addition to being readily available for emergency fuel services, Foster Fuels Mission Critical stands ready, fully equipped with fuel and transport resources. From our headquarters in southern Virginia, we market about 50 million gallons of high-quality fuel annually. No matter where you’re located in the United States, we’re prepared to go the distance when you need fuel or bulk water deliveries and related services.

To make our distribution possible, our plan for routine fuel delivery utilizes our company’s extensive fleet and national strategic partner network. With thousands of available trucking assets enabling reliable deliveries, we satisfy fueling needs nationwide.

Complete Fuel Analysis and Testing Services Are Also Available

If your government clients include entities such as fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and public works departments, the quality of the fuel they use is just as important as the quantity. Foster Fuels Mission Critical can also perform on-site fuel testing and analysis to ensure the fuel you store and provide for clients remains free of microbes, water, sludge, and other problems that could negatively impact fuel quality and performance over time. Weather and storage tank age and construction impact fuel quality seasonally and over time.

Other Value-added Emergency Fuel Services for Government Contractors

As a full-service fuel provider, you can count on Foster Fuels Mission Critical for a host of services that will benefit your company and, ultimately, your government clients. We offer the following:

  • Routine fuel delivery: We prioritize maintaining relationships with major suppliers to provide reliable and regular fuel delivery for any location or industry, such as transportation companies, wholesale businesses, and government contractors.
  • Tank maintenance service: For downtime prevention and peace of mind, we offer tank maintenance services, such as regular cleaning to remove contaminants, and detailed inspections of tanks and accessories with optional monitoring and replacements.
  • Site surveying: To ensure your team is prepared to receive an emergency fuel delivery, we offer site surveying plans to indicate your building’s entries and exits, building water and electric hookups, temporary fuel staging areas, storage tanks, and fill points.
  • Continuity consulting: After a site survey, we can provide outlined plans employees should follow during an incident for energy planning, managing uptime, and first responder coordination.
  • Emergency response training: To prepare your team to deliver prompt service when the need arises and meet your regulatory compliance requirements, we provide emergency response training and educational programming in workplaces.

If you’re interested in ensuring preparedness for any fueling needs, our experts are ready help. Click on the links above to learn more about our services.

Benefits of Working With Foster Fuels Mission Critical

In North America, Foster Fuels has become a top fuel provider and related services for government contractors. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Expertise: To provide the best services possible, our Mission Critical division consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who offer fuel quality services, non-emergency transportation, and emergency fuel responses for businesses of any industry.
  • Full-service convenience: Whether you’d like fuel delivery, maintenance, or emergency training and preparation, we provide high-quality services with a full support team dedicated to your partner account.
  • Wide-scale support: No matter the situation, we’re equipped to handle U.S. events with an extensive list of equipment, such as tank wagons of up to 4,500-gallon capacity, petroleum tanker trucks of a 9,200-gallon capacity, service trucks holding up to 1.5 tons, and support equipment from dozers to dump trucks, high-water trucks, and portable on-site command centers.
  • Guaranteed responses: To ensure our commitment to you, we provide guaranteed response contracts with guaranteed response times for services if a crisis happens.

Make Foster Fuels Mission Critical Your Emergency Fuel Supplier

Founded in 1921, Foster Fuels has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable, trustworthy fuel service providers in the United States. Our Mission Critical division is an award-winning supplier of emergency fuel for contractors and other business entities and has worked on numerous notable missions ranging from the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010 to Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and many others. We’re a federal government prime contractor that will always be there when you need us.

Contact Foster Fuels Mission Critical to learn more about what makes us the best source of emergency fuel for contractors. We’re here for our partners 24/7/365.


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