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Watt R. Foster, Jr. &
Watt “Bobby” R. Foster


Foster Fuels has been a family-run business since 1921, providing residential, commercial, agricultural, transport, and emergency fuel service.

Established in 1921, Foster Fuels, Inc. is a third-generation Foster family owned-and-operated business headquartered in Campbell County Virginia. Foster Fuels now serves customers in all regions of the United States. Foster Fuels began serving Central and Southside Virginia in 1921 when L.H. Foster arranged with Texaco to become the area’s first Texaco jobber. He worked diligently to fulfill the petroleum needs of the community. His two sons, L.H. Foster Jr. and Watt Robert (Bobby) Foster, continued his work and expanded the business by acquiring other jobbers. In 1960, they started a propane gas distributorship which became one of the largest and most successful in Virginia.

Foster Fuels, Inc. continues to grow in the bulk petroleum distribution business by offering first-rate service and sound, competitive prices. They market kerosene, home heating oil, diesel, and gasoline to residential, farm, small distributors, and retail customers. In 2003, the transport division has added a depot in Montvale, VA and continues to experience solid growth. Today, Foster Fuels markets petroleum nationwide and operates one of the nation’s leading emergency fuel delivery companies.

In 2006, Foster Fuels, Inc. launched a new revitalized propane division complete with new equipment and retail hearth & home showrooms. Foster Fuels offers propane sales and freight delivery to any size industrial customer and to residential customers. They also have full time service crews that install tanks and appliances for commercial and residential customers. Fosters has capacity to serve any size customer with reliability, strong customer service, and low prices. Acquisitions of Tate’s Gas Appliances in Danville, VA and Neighbors LP Gas in Brookneal, VA have helped to bolster propane service territory to most of southern and central Virginia. Foster services close to 10,000 propane customers from its three area locations. A second hearth & home showroom was opened Fall of 2008 in Danville, VA and a third retail showroom was completed in Brookneal in late 2008.

Foster Fuels has continued to explore new product lines and services by adding renewable fuels to its line of products. They build a state of the art biodiesel injection blending facility with a 30,000 gallon heated biodiesel tank in Brookneal, VA. Foster offers all blends of biodiesel as well as E85 and E10 Ethanol.

Today, Foster Fuels is in its third generation of Foster family ownership under Watt R. Foster, Jr. Foster Fuels is now moving approximately 50 million gallons of product annually. They are positioned to handle a wide array of energy needs well into the future. Call them at 800-344-6457 to learn more.