Propane Furnaces

During the worst of winters, you count on your furnace to keep you and your family warm against the cold outside. For most people, winter is also the most expensive time of the year due to the increase in heating bills.

At Foster Fuels, we provide energy, cost, and carbon savings for both new and existing homes through the use of our propane furnaces. We know that you need affordable reliability—that’s why we created the auto-fill program to ensure that your tank never runs out of propane and you never run out of heat. Contact a sales representative today to learn how you can set up auto-fill.



When choosing which energy source to use to fuel your furnace, you may be deciding between propane, natural gas, and heating oil. Even though they provide ample heat, electric heat pumps cannot maintain their efficiency like propane furnaces over time. In fact, high-efficiency propane furnaces are rated between 90–98% efficient, qualifying for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label, whereas heating oil furnaces do not. Propane also has a smaller carbon footprint than other systems, which uses its outdoor air-combustion system to make it safer and more efficient than traditional natural-draft furnaces. Overall, propane furnaces are economical to operate and better for the environment.


Propane furnaces offer best-in-class efficiency to deliver distinctive comfort to today’s homeowners at the most affordable prices. Not only that, they are found to be the most affordable to purchase and install compared to alternative systems. Their direct-vent units take all the air needed for combustion from the outdoors, which improves efficiency and helps assure the home’s indoor air quality. They even have a multistage burner system and a variable speed blower, heating the home steadily and comfortably for any sized floor plan. 

Finding a Furnace for Your Home

For assistance with switching to propane, contact a Foster Fuels representative today. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be happy to help you assess your needs and choose the right unit for you. We provide on-site installation support for setting up your furnace in the most effective way possible and can provide fuel delivery year-round to ensure you have enough propane on hand at all times.

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