Should I Invest in a Backup Generator for My Home?

In February of 2016, a tornado touched down in Appomattox, Virginia, destroying homes and businesses. Two years later, another tornado caused serious damage in tiny Elon, west of Brookneal. And who can forget the devastating effects of “Snowmageddon” or the mighty summer derecho that knocked out power for two to three weeks in many areas

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Using Propane for Off-Grid Power

When you hear the term “living off the grid,” you probably think of using alternative energy sources such as solar power to generate electricity, or wood stoves and ovens for heating and cooking purposes. However, many homeowners are discovering the many benefits of using propane for off-grid systems. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that is

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Propane for Agriculture: Eco-friendly Upgrades & Incentives

Have you considered using propane as the primary fuel source in your farming operation? Propane is a reliable, efficient, clean-burning energy source you can use for tasks in the field and all around your property. This abundant fuel source is produced in the United States — approximately 830,000 U.S. farmers make use of agricultural propane

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Backup Your Home With Propane Generators

If the power went out at your home, would you be prepared? Make sure your home is protected for any weather with a standby generator. With its automatic startup, your emergency generator will automatically kick in to provide electricity during a power outage. Choose a simple one-time installation or purchase a small portable propane generator

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The Top Benefits of Propane Generators

Your trusty old gasoline generator is popular for a reason. Affordable, easy to find, compact and running on regular gasoline, there’s a lot to be said for this old workhorse. But for many users, a propane generator might actually make more sense. When you consider fuel and maintenance costs, environmental impact and the possibility to

Top 4 Ways to Prepare For This Upcoming Winter

Make sure you have enough propane in your tank! Winter is hard enough without having continuous heat running through your house. Never worry about running out of propane by setting up Autofill! With this program our certified technicians will conduct regular checkups in order for your tank to never run out of gas. Consider buying

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