When the power goes out, you want to be ready to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and comfortable. Installing a backup generator provides electricity to your home when the main source of energy becomes unavailable. Inclement weather, natural disasters and other emergencies can all result in power outages, but a backup generator gives you the electricity you need at a moment’s notice. 

But what type of generator should you get? Propane-fueled generators for your home could be the best choice for you. At Foster Fuels, we’re here to show you the benefits propane generators can provide for you and your family. 

How Do Propane Generators Work?

As their name implies, propane standby generators use propane to create electricity. This happens through the process of combustion. The generator receives propane from a fuel source, such as a large, permanent tank or a smaller portable one. Then the generator burns the propane to create movement inside. It’s this movement that creates an electrical current. The generator then sends this electricity to your home through electrical wiring. 

A professional can program your propane generator according to your needs. If you want to power a lot of items in your home, your generator can provide the needed electricity. If you’d rather power fewer appliances over a longer period of time, then have your generator output less electricity for greater fuel efficiency. 

When the power goes out, your generator turns on. In some cases, this can be almost instant, but it may take a few minutes depending on the generator. 


Benefits of Propane-Fueled Generators

Having power when the main power grid goes down is a benefit in itself, but propane generators for homes offer even more benefits than that:

1. Propane Is a Readily Available Fuel Source

Propane fuel is easy to buy during times of crisis compared to other fuel sources. Diesel and gasoline rely on electrical pumps to reach people, which makes them unavailable during power outages. When ice storms, hurricanes, floods or tornados sever your connection to the power grid, you’ll still be able to receive propane from your reliable fuel delivery company. 

You can also keep portable propane tanks on hand year-round and hook them up to your generator the moment you need them. Or, if you live in an area with frequent power outages, you can connect your generator to a larger, on-site storage tank for even more propane availability. 

2. Propane Generators Are Easy to Operate

Many people choose propane generators for their homes because of their easy operation. When the power goes out, your propane generator can start up right away. 

Diesel generators can develop issues where they have trouble running without a full tank of fuel. They can also develop carbon deposits that lead to over-fueling, sputtering, smoking and rough running. Diesel-powered engines are notorious for being hard to start in cold weather as well. With a propane generator, you can skip all these issues and enjoy the benefits of backup power with ease. 

3. Propane Is a Clean-Burning Fuel

It’s important to care for the environment in any way possible. One way you can do that is by choosing a propane generator as your backup power source. Propane is cleaner-burning than other fuel types, giving off fewer emissions and less of an unpleasant odor. 

Some townships prohibit the use of diesel-fueled generators during certain times of the day because of the risk of pollution and health effects. Propane is exempt from these restrictions. You can use your propane generator anytime, anywhere. And you can feel better knowing it’s cleaner burning and better for the environment than other fuels. 

4. Propane Generators Can Last a Long Time

Dirtier-burning fuels, like diesel present problems that you can avoid by choosing a propane generator for your home. Diesel generators often need repairs because of deposits left behind that clog up the system. These repairs can be expensive, and you may have to buy a replacement generator sooner than you’d like. 

Since standby propane generators are cleaner burning, they are easier to maintain and can have a longer lifespan. You can be confident your propane generator will work the next time the power goes out. 

5. Propane Has a Virtually Limitless Shelf Life

You can safely store propane for years, and it will work with your propane generator whenever it’s time to use it. It’s a different story with gas and diesel. These fuels need additives to keep them stable during periods without use, and after some time in storage, they can go bad and prevent your generator from working correctly. 

There is no expiration date for propane stored in the proper conditions. Whether you keep it in your home’s storage tank or in a smaller portable tank, you can have propane on hand for years and be ready the moment a power outage occurs. 

Propane vs. Gasoline Generators

Most of the time, people have trouble deciding between propane or gas generators. Here are a few differences between them that may help you make your decision:

  • Noise: Gas generators can be noisy. Propane generators are much quieter. This is more pleasant for you, and it’s also considerate of your neighbors and anyone else within earshot of your generator. 
  • Environmental impacts: Propane is a clean-burning fuel. It’s nearly odorless and produces less greenhouse gas per gallon than gasoline, making it better for the environment. This also makes it safer for your family and your community. 
  • Convenience: The convenience of propane generators may be the determining factor for you. They can start up the moment the power goes out. You can keep propane on hand for years, and you can even get more delivered to you during a prolonged power outage. If you care about convenience and peace of mind, then propane-fueled generators may be the best option for you. 

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