The Top Benefits of Propane Generators

Your trusty old gasoline generator is popular for a reason. Affordable, easy to find, compact and running on regular gasoline, there’s a lot to be said for this old workhorse. But for many users, a propane generator might actually make more sense.

When you consider fuel and maintenance costs, environmental impact and the possibility to store the fuel for a long time, propane generators can be highly beneficial. Read on to learn about how propane might be the best generator fuel for your needs.

Be Ready When Catastrophe Strikes

No one wants to think of a disaster, but it’s important to plan ahead and be ready for one. Many recent natural disasters have taught home and business owners that the ability to keep the lights on when the electricity goes out is critical to keeping your family and property safe. A propane generator can help you be prepared for emergency situations:

  • Propane fuel is available even when the gas pumps aren’t running, as it’s stored in individual or bulk cylinders.
  • The shelf life of propane is considered limitless, unlike gasoline, which can start to degrade after a few months without stabilizers.
  • A propane generator that hasn’t run for months isn’t going to be full of contamination or carbon deposits. The same can’t be said for a gasoline generator.

Propane generators can help you be confident that your machine is going to fire up and provide you the peace of mind and security of a power source when all other lights are out around you.

An Important Environmental Advantage

Propane is a ‘clean burning’ fuel, but what exactly does that mean? In simple terms, it’s the low amount of carbon monoxide produced relative to other fuel sources, especially gasoline. Releasing around half the CO of a typical gasoline generator, many individuals consider propane to be the best generator fuel around.

While you still need to respect all rules and guidelines for ventilation, creating fewer emissions is a major advantage when you’re considering propane vs. gas generators.

There is also no risk of spilling propane. Because it’s stored in safe tanks with security valves, there’s no spillage or waste during fill-ups. You simply connect the tank to the generator with a hose and open the valve to let the fuel flow. With the hassle and possible spillage associated with gasoline generator tanks, propane offers a clear advantage.
Lower Operating Costs

Being ready for an emergency and respecting the environment are important to many of us, but cost is still the top concern for many businesses. If you use a generator on a regular basis, the simple advantage of a lower-cost fuel is beneficial. Propane is also available throughout the USA, at many gas stations, hardware stores and dedicated propane suppliers — you can easily store additional bottles according to local rules and regulations, so you never run out.

When comparing propane generators to gasoline generators, maintenance costs and reliability attribute to another financial benefit. The carbon build-up and deposits common in a gasoline system simply aren’t present in a propane generator. This means that not only do you need less maintenance of your generator, but you can also be sure your generator is going to start up the first time, every time. This is even more important when an unfortunate emergency strikes, and you don’t have time to play around with a finicky generator.

Make an Informed Choice

When you’re considering propane vs. gasoline generators, Foster Fuels can help you throughout the process. There’s a propane generator for every budget and every need, so equip yourself today and find a generator that will be reliable and trustworthy for years to come.

3 thoughts on “The Top Benefits of Propane Generators”

  1. Stephen Adams says:

    I didn’t realize how disaster proof a propane system is. Unlimited shelf life would make a propane container a great addition to my emergency preparedness kit. I have a room in my basement full of food, clothing, and some medical supplies. I think I’ll propane and a generator to that.

  2. Ashley Turns says:

    My husband and I are planning on buying an emergency generator and haven’t been sure what kind we should use. So thanks for letting us know that propane only lets out half the amount of CO as some other gases when used in a generator. We will definitely look at models that use propane as their fuel since it creates fewer emissions than some other gases do.

  3. Kylie Dotts says:

    I like how you said that propane is a clean-burning fuel. This would probably make commercially used propane something that is really good because factories and things would put out a lot of fumes if they were using less clean forms of producing the energy they need. If all of the companies made little changes like this then the world’s levels of pollution would probably go down by quite a bit.

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