Residential Propane Heating

In homes throughout Virginia, propane is essential to keeping families warm and comfortable. Propane can be used to power your furnace, heat your water and run many major appliances. Since 1921, Foster Fuels, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of residential propane to homes throughout the state. With a commitment to quality service and fair pricing, you’ll receive the fuel you need to heat your home while respecting your budget.

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Residential Propane From Virginia’s Fuel Delivery Experts

Whether you’re just now making the switch to propane, or have been using it in your home for years, Foster Fuels, Inc. is able to provide superior service for all your fuel delivery needs. If you have ever found yourself without propane in the middle of winter, you know how important it is to have a delivery provider you can trust. Choose our “auto-fill” program, and our fast, friendly and prompt service experts will check your tank and automatically fill it – so you can spend your time enjoying your home.

In addition to our fast and friendly delivery service, we also offer turnkey service, so you don’t have to bother with costly, time-consuming assembly and installation of your propane products.

Foster Fuels, Inc. can also provide installation support and continual maintenance for any new appliances you purchase. Need help running a fuel line to your pool or home water heater? Let our expert technicians get the job done as efficiently and neatly as possible.

For a quote on residential propane delivery, or to learn more about the benefits of propane and the complete list of support services we offer, call Foster Fuels, Inc. today.

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Water Heaters

If you’re considering upgrading your home water heater to a conventional tank or a new, energy-efficient on-demand model, visit Foster Fuels today. We carry a large selection of propane water heaters and offer expert service to keep your purchase working its best for years to come. Learn More >>


In Virginia, smart homeowners rely on propane generators for all their backup power needs. Propane is a clean-burning, readily available fuel source that can be counted on for efficient operation in an emergency. Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been providing fuel delivery throughout VA. If you’re in the market for an emergency power solution, we have a great selection of propane generators for home use. Learn More >>

Pool Heaters

In Virginia, our unpredictable summer weather means pool owners frequently require additional heating to keep their water at a comfortable temperature. For most residential applications, propane pool heaters offer the best combination of value and convenience.

At Foster Fuels, we carry a range of different swimming pool heaters and provide full installation and service support for everything we sell. Contact a sales representative today for more information about our full line of products. Learn More >>

Hearth & Home

Since 1921, Foster Fuels has been the professionals’ choice for fuel delivery and many other related products and services. Who better to bring modern convenience and comfort to your home with a wide selection of propane appliances?

To better serve residential customers throughout Virginia and beyond, Foster Fuels operates four Hearth & Home locations where you can take advantage of our deep industry connections, in addition to decades of expertise with great prices and exceptional service.  Learn More >>


During the worst of winters, you count on your furnace to keep you and your family warm against the cold outside. For most people, winter is also the most expensive time of the year due to the increase in their heating bill.

At Foster Fuels, we provide energy, cost and carbon savings for both new and existing homes through the use of our propane furnaces. We also know that you need affordable reliability – that’s why we created the Autofill program to insure that your tank never runs out of propane and you never run out of heat. Contact a sales representative today to learn how you can set up Autofill. Learn More >>