Pool Heaters

Propane Pool Heaters

In Virginia, our unpredictable summer weather means pool owners frequently require additional heating to keep their water at a comfortable temperature. For most residential applications, propane pool heaters offer the best combination of value and convenience.

Choosing a Swimming Pool Heater

The first thing to consider when choosing a swimming pool heater is the heater’s energy source. The three most common methods for heating a home swimming pool are gas, solar, and geothermal. Gas-fired heaters are the most common—they offer fast, reliable heat on demand, are inexpensive to operate, and are easy to maintain. Solar heaters offer the benefit of being free to run, though they are expensive to install and require sufficient direct sunlight to operate. Many homeowners who use solar power choose to install a backup propane pool heater for days when sunlight alone isn’t enough.

In recent years, more homes have been adopting geothermal heat pumping technology to offset the costs of running their HVAC appliances. Heat pumps can also be used to keep your pool’s water warm. However, the technology has not gained widespread popularity as they are not effective in colder areas, where power from the grid is still necessary to operate heat pumps.

Why Propane?

For most purposes, a propane pool heater offers the best compromise between energy efficiency and effective operation. Propane is a clean-burning fuel source that is economical and domestically produced, making it a good choice for anyone concerned about energy independence. Propane heaters don’t rely on the weather or on the availability of power from the grid, meaning you can keep the pool party going all summer long, even during outages.

Finding the Heater for Your Pool

The second consideration when shopping for a swimming pool heater is the amount of power you’ll need. Pool heater output is measured in BTUs. The larger the pool and the warmer you like to keep your water, the more powerful a heater you’ll need.

For assistance calculating your BTU requirements, contact a Foster Fuels representative today. One of our knowledgeable salespeople will be happy to help you assess your needs with on-site support. Foster Fuels can also provide fuel delivery year-round to ensure you have enough propane on hand at all times.
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