Alternative Solutions to Heating Oil

If your home is heated by oil, you may have recently noticed your energy bill increasing. Many United States homeowners are experiencing increases in their monthly heating oil bills in 2023 due to issues with the supply chain, increase in demand and rising oil prices. As a result, some residential owners are looking for

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PRESS RELEASE HURRICANE DORIAN BROOKNEAL, Va., December 22 2017 – Wholesale fuel distributer and emergency fuel management company Foster Fuels, Inc. has spent over one hundred successive days responding to three record-breaking hurricanes during the 2017 hurricane season. Working alongside agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD), the Defense

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What You Need to Know About Renewable Diesel

As we continue to see the effects of climate change, consumers are calling for alternative clean energy sources. Seeking to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment, some businesses switched to solar or wind energy. However, many companies rely on fuel or petroleum diesel to sustain their operations, especially in a power outage. Renewable diesel is

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Company Awards Local Students Scholarships in Celebration of a Century in Business

  Brookneal, VA – Foster Fuels awards local students scholarships for higher education as part of their celebration of a century in business and FosterGives campaign. To say thanks to their loyal customers, Foster Fuels partnered with the Watt Foster Family Foundation to offer 100 scholarships to customers and their dependents seeking to attend a two-year school, four-year school,

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Summer Propane Checklist

Propane is an affordable, convenient source of energy for your whole home. Summer residential propane tank and propane grill cylinder maintenance can protect your energy source from the heat in Central Virginia. Before the temperature rises, you can follow these tips to keep your propane tanks and cylinders in excellent condition. Residential Propane Tank Inspection Checklist If you own your propane tank, as you

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Commercial Outdoor Patio Heaters

Commercial outdoor heaters are a great fit for restaurants with al fresco dining, outdoor cafes, hotels, lounges, bars and other common gathering spaces. They enhance an establishment's atmosphere, creating a more comfortable — and, ultimately, a more profitable — environment for you and the customer. Read on to see what an outdoor patio heater

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