Make sure you have enough propane in your tank!

  • Winter is hard enough without having continuous heat running through your house. Never worry about running out of propane by setting up Autofill! With this program our certified technicians will conduct regular checkups in order for your tank to never run out of gas.

Consider buying a propane generator.

  • What will you do when bad weather hits and you’re left without power? Buy a backup generator so that you and your family are always protected. When a winter storm comes around, you’ll be secure knowing that you will always have power.

Confirm that your heating system and appliances are working smoothly.

Arrange to have heating appliances installed before the winter season begins.

  • Winter is the busiest time of the season for propane companies so take advantage of this season and our current low prices! Installing your heating appliances before the winter season begins will also ensure that they will be ready to use in time before winter arrives.