What is a pilot light?

A pilot light is a small, constantly burning flame within most propane appliances. The only time pilot lights aren’t included is when an appliance has an electric ignition instead. When needed, a pilot light is used to ignite the main burner in your appliance. Without this, your heater system, dryer, or other propane items will not have the ability to start the process of heating and lighting a flame.

Pilot lights are also an important safety feature. That’s why it’s important to contact your Foster Fuels service technician if you notice it has gone out.


What to do when your pilot light goes out?

When a pilot light goes out it’s normally due to a problem that may be occurring with your appliance or propane system.

Do not attempt to relight your pilot light yourself. Call your certified Foster Fuels service technician who is experienced to handle these types of situations.

Customers who try to light their pilot light on their own raise the risk of causing a fire or explosion. Instead, call Foster Fuels at 800-344-6457 to schedule a visit from your service technician.