Get Ready for the Holiday Season With Gas Logs

FB_IMG_1449245901107-1[1]With the holiday season coming up, you may be looking forward to enjoying a roaring fire in the fireplace with your family and friends. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider gas logs as opposed to wood. What is a gas log fireplace, and why do you want one? A gas log fireplace has some significant advantages over a traditional wood-burning fireplace. To find out what they are, and to get some tips to help you make your decision, read on.


Advantages of a Gas Log Fireplace

What is a gas log? A gas log is actually a gas burner in log form. Unlike a wooden log, the fire does not consume the log — it simply burns gas. This offers several advantages to you when you make a fire. For one, you don’t have to do anything to build your fire. No kindling or paper is necessary. Also, with a wood fire, you have to wait until the fire completely consumes the wood, then clean out all the ash and soot, then go out and get more wood and start the process all over again.
With gas logs, starting your fire, putting it out and cleanup are all virtually effortless. In addition, gas logs burn with about twice the heat of wood.

Types of Gas Logs

The two main types of gas logs are vented gas logs and ventless, or vent-free, gas logs. A vented gas log requires a working chimney with an open flue, as the byproducts of the burning gas escape the log and need a place to go. Ventless logs are low-emission and self-contained, and any byproducts can dissipate in your home without needing to go through the chimney. While this is simpler, vented gas logs have a higher flame for a much more realistic fire-burning effect, and ventless logs give off a distinctive odor when they burn, which you might not care for.

Gas Logs Installation

Although it’s possible to install gas logs yourself, you should probably hire a professional to handle your gas logs installation, as you will be working with gas lines. It’s important to realize that gas logs installation is only possible with wood-burning fireplaces. You cannot use gas logs in a gas fireplace — that’s not what they are designed for.
For vented gas logs, your fireplace and chimney must be fully functional, with a flue that opens so that burning fuel byproducts can escape. You also cannot safely use gas logs in either a wood-burning or a gas-burning stove.

Places to Buy Gas Logs Online

If you’re ready to enjoy roaring fires this holiday season without a lot of effort or messy cleanup, you can find a great selection of gas logs at Foster Fuels Hearth & Home Stores. If you’re looking to buy online, head over to our Home & Hearth store and look through the wide variety of gas log offerings. You’re sure to find some that are just right for you and your new gas log burning fireplace.

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Post updated on January 14th, 2019

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