Chris Russell and Watt Foster Stand together holding handcrafted birdhousesPassionate about his practice and drive, Chris Russell talks about his hobbies and interests that lead him to creating his small business, For the Birds Birdhouses.

Building over 600 birdhouses over the span of 5 years, Chris Russell comments why he enjoys making these birdhouses, “I love bluebirds.”

Knowing so many people in the public and being a very obvious people person, Russell has pushed his business out to the public selling natural wood bluebird, wood duck, owl, and bat houses as well as feeders.

With the help of John Lancaster, who spends 20 hours a week with Russell, Chris has made a huge impact on the community and wild-life by spreading joy in his story as well as protecting the wildlife from potential predators.

Russell, now 44-years old, helps bring awareness to the community of people with disabilities such as himself.

“They won’t be fighting with each other anymore,” Russell talked about wood ducks and blue-birds, “They were going extinct.” Bluebirds can fight over areas to make their nest; because of lack of habitat, loss of nesting sites, and invasive birds like starlings taking the few sites, bluebirds can be in danger.

The finished birdhouses take plenty of time to make being 100% handcrafted. Each birdhouse is made of sturdy wood with a hinge and wire ladder to help baby bluebirds and ducks get to the opening in the box. These houses are designed and made with materials recommended by the North American Bluebird Society.

Watt R. Foster, Jr., president and CEO of Foster Fuels, has purchased 80 of these handcrafted bird and duck houses for several years. Keeping them posted around his home and land, Mr. Foster enjoys watching wood ducks inhabit these birdhouses knowing they are kept safe.

Chris Russell takes orders of all shapes and sizes. For more information on Chris or to order a birdhouse or feeder go to the For the Birds Birdhouses Facebook page: