Propane for Commercial Cooking


Precision is a key element to cooking in a commercial setting. That’s why many restaurants, catering companies, and outdoor mobile food providers choose to cook with propane. Not only is propane energy- and cost-efficient, but it’s also an excellent choice for food service environments. It heats quickly and evenly for better preparation and presentation.

Propane restaurant equipment helps businesses optimize efficiency and improve performance. With an instant gas flame, you can cook as soon as you turn on your appliance without wasting time waiting for the burners to heat up. Propane restaurant grills, stoves, and other equipment are safe for use in the widest range of kitchens, dining rooms, and remote service stations. Burners cool quickly—much faster than electric burners do—limiting dangerous situations that could occur after cooking.


If you’re considering the value of propane for restaurants, the positive benefits are extremely persuasive. Propane restaurant equipment allows your business to provide a comfortable, successful dining experience that’s clean, quiet, and inviting. Propane heaters, grills, stoves, and fryers keep energy costs in check, and they also provide the financial flexibility to grow your business.

No matter if your restaurant space is limited or you’re setting up in a different location every day—propane is a perfect fit. You don’t have to worry about compatibility, costly installation, or maintenance concerns. Propane tanks for restaurant equipment also eliminate the need for a nearby gas pipeline. Whether you are using convection ovens, sealed burners, griddles, grill tops, or even deep fryers, propane can operate any of your appliances.


At Foster Fuels, we are the experts in propane for restaurants with almost 100 years of experience in the fuel delivery industry. We offer full-service capabilities and smart solutions that save you time and money. For restaurants focused on their future, Foster Fuels has the propane solutions to put you on the path to success.

When you work with Foster Fuels for your restaurant propane equipment needs, you benefit from:

  • Direct delivery to your place of business by reliable and attentive local drivers
  • Installation when your business needs it
  • Dependable energy that isn’t affected by service interruptions or power outages
  • An eco-friendly solution that’s safe to use, store, and transport
  • Propane tank monitoring and free tank switch-out services
  • Auto-fill options to remove the hassle of frequently calling for fuel


If you’re looking to add propane to your commercial kitchen, contact a friendly Foster Fuels representative today. We’re a family-owned business that goes the extra mile to ensure you get everything you need to succeed. Our customers benefit from our commercial pricing and reliability and receive the highest customer service from our experienced technicians. Call today and speak to one of our propane specialists.

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