Propane for Commercial Cooking

Commercial Propane For Restaurants

Precision is a key element to cooking in a commercial setting. That’s why many restaurants, catering companies, and outdoor mobile food providers choose to cook with commercial propane. Not only is propane energy- and cost-efficient, but it’s also an excellent choice for food service environments. It heats quickly and evenly for better preparation and presentation.

Propane restaurant equipment, such as grills and ranges, helps businesses optimize efficiency and improve performance. With an instant gas flame, you can cook as soon as you turn on your appliance without wasting time waiting for the burners to heat up. Propane restaurant grills, stoves, and other equipment are safe for use in the widest range of kitchens, dining rooms, and remote service stations. Burners cool quickly—much faster than electric burners do—limiting dangerous situations that could occur after cooking.

Benefits of Commercial Propane for Restaurants

Propane is the first step to put your restaurant on the path to success. Learn more about the advantages of using propane for cooking in your commercial restaurant.


Propane produces more energy than natural gas and costs less, making it a cost-effective choice for your business. Propane will only heat water when you need it, as you need it, and you’ll never have to worry about it running out. Propane heats water twice as fast making it a less expensive option compared to electricity, allowing you more money for other restaurant upgrades!


It’s important to consider the environmental implications of any business venture. Fuels like gas can damage the environment with high levels of carbon dioxide emissions. Propane’s carbon dioxide emissions are much lower in comparison. Unlike natural gas, propane also does not emit sulfur dioxide, methane or other harmful wastes.

Propane also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity. It’s a clean choice that does more for the environment than other fuels. Propane is an EPA-designated clean energy alternative. Make the greener choice with propane.


When you use propane, your restaurant won’t have to worry about service interruptions or power outages. Rely on propane-powered generators. You can install these systems anywhere, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on the grid or not. Foster Fuels even offers a convenient auto-fill option, so you don’t have to worry about monitoring your fuel levels. Foster Fuels will check your tank for you and perform refills as needed.

Uses of Propane in Restaurants

Commercial restaurants can use propane for cooking, heating and various other applications.


Propane cooking equipment is ideal for food service environments. Propane stoves and ranges heat quickly and evenly. They also cool much faster than electric burners, resulting in a lower risk of burns or injuries. Restaurants can utilize several types of propane restaurant equipment such as grills, stoves and fryers as an affordable and eco-friendly energy choice in the kitchen.

Building and Water Heating

You can also heat your building and water with propane power. Propane-generated hot water can keep your energy costs lower and save your business money.

Patio Heating

Use propane to power your outdoor space all year round. Propane gas for patio heaters ensures reliable and comfortable temperatures for your guests in any season. Keep the area warm with propane space heaters or fit pits.

When you work with Foster Fuels for your restaurant propane equipment needs, you benefit from:

  • Direct delivery to your place of business by reliable and attentive local drivers
  • Installation when your business needs it
  • Dependable energy that isn’t affected by service interruptions or power outages
  • An eco-friendly solution that’s safe to use, store, and transport
  • Propane tank monitoring and free tank switch-out services
  • Auto-fill options to remove the hassle of frequently calling for fuel

Foster Fuels Propane Services

If you’re considering adding propane to your commercial kitchen, contact a propane specialist at Foster Fuels. We’ve been in the fuel business since 1921, and we offer the propane solutions you need for your business. Propane is the affordable, environmentally friendly and dependable source of power that we deliver quickly and without a hassle. Order a fuel delivery for your restaurant today.