How to Keep Your Backyard Warm in the Fall

A truly usable outdoor space expands your home and the opportunities to enjoy it. Don’t let cooler weather prevent you from getting outdoors, onto your deck, into the pool or elsewhere in the backyard. Take advantage of these ideas for keeping your backyard warm in the fall:

Propane Fire Pits

Fire pits are nothing new, but have you considered a propane fire pit? Unlike a natural wood fire pit, a propane fire pit does not create ashes, embers or a mass of smoke — there’s no mess to clean up afterward. And, of course, there’s no need to chop or purchase firewood. In addition to the easy upkeep, propane pits offer a number of advantages.

First, a propane fire pit is truly portable — you can move it around your yard as needed. There’s no gas line to install, and propane also burns more efficiently than natural gas (about 2,500 BTUs with propane when compared to 1,000 BTUs with the same volume of natural gas). When you get a propane fire pit, you get a clean operation that offers portability, crisp flames and little maintenance or cleanup.

Propane Patio Heaters

If you go to a fine restaurant in fall or winter, you’ll find they use a propane patio heater (or heaters) to make their decks, patios and other outdoor spaces comfortable. Why? Because a propane patio heater is a fast, efficient and relatively attractive way to keep outdoor spaces warm during social gatherings.

They can be set up anywhere with no professional installation or piping. They are easy to turn on and move around. And, best of all, the fuel tank tucks right into the heater, creating a clean and attractive appearance just as appropriate for the big game as it is for a formal party or celebration.

Propane Grills

Outdoor grilling is associated with summer fun, but a propane grill makes it comfortable and easy for you to throw burgers, chicken, steaks, kabobs or other delightful dishes over the fire year round. You stay warm as the grill cooks your food.

Propane Pool Heaters

Are you planning to cover your pool this fall? Not so fast. A propane pool heater is one of the least expensive, most efficient ways to heat your pool. Heat pumps and solar heaters are expensive to purchase and operate, and both of them heat slowly.

Heat pumps are air-sourced, meaning they’re dependent on the temperature, while solar heaters are obviously dependent on sunny days. Electric resistance heaters are also expensive, and they lack the efficiency of propane pool heaters. A propane pool heater works fast to make your swimming area is ready for business through the fall and winter months.

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Post updated on January 14th, 2019

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