For Home & Country

We do not shrink from this responsibility. We welcome it.

Foster Fuels and Foster Fuels Mission Critical are committed to ensuring that each home and family has warmth and safety, from the everyday common to the unexpected disaster.

Mission Critical Services

Foster Fuels Inc. has provided fuel to our customers for nearly a century from our headquarters in Brookneal, Virginia. As part of our fuel services, Foster Fuels maintains a company-owned, dedicated, and unrivaled Mission Critical division, which has been at the core of our services since 2005. Emergency fuel delivery services from Foster Fuels guarantee fuel delivery during a mission critical event.

We are always ready to activate, organize, deploy, and manage emergency fuel supply services for our contract customers. And our many customers enjoy the security of that guarantee. We offer different levels of service, including guaranteed response agreements, priority agreements, and disaster preparedness plans. One of our team members can help you determine which plan is best for your organization.

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