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Propane for Senior Living Facilities

Propane is a green fuel that serves as a common energy source for homes and commercial buildings. This resource is especially helpful for senior living facilities, which require a reliable energy source for normal activities and emergencies. Propane is an effective fuel choice for these facilities for several reasons.

Propane Benefits

Propane burns hotter than natural gas so you can use less of this energy source to heat your facility.

In addition to providing heat, propane is a dependable option for powering generators during outages. This fuel doesn’t have a shelf life like other options so you can store it for as long as necessary to prepare for emergencies.

This energy source contains low carbon, emitting almost no greenhouse gas emissions when you burn it. This feature is helpful for environmentally conscious organizations and facilities in areas where emissions are regulated.

Some elderly residents may require life-saving electronic devices such as oxygen machines, ventilators and respirators. Having a propane emergency generator for your senior living facility will reassure your team members, residents and families that you are prepared for potential electricity outages.

Uses of Propane for Senior Living Facilities

Choosing propane as an energy source for senior living facilities enables you to use generators during power outages, providing energy to essential areas such as:

Climate Control

In cases when a power outage prevents you from using a heater or air conditioner, you can use a propane emergency generator to manage your facility’s temperature to keep residents comfortable. Heating with propane in a senior living facility is also helpful during outages because you can use propane fireplaces without power.


For your residents, the living facility is their home. It’s essential to be able to provide food for them even in emergencies when there is no electricity. A propane generator enables you to use your stove for preparing meals. In cases when you have a propane stove, you can use a match to light the burners without using electricity.

Medical Systems

Some of your residents may rely on electric medical systems to survive. A propane generator can keep these devices running.


The facility’s food may spoil during prolonged power outages without the necessary electricity to run your refrigerators. Prepare for this event by storing enough propane for a generator to power these units until the electricity is restored.

Choose Foster Fuels for Efficient Service

At Foster Fuels, we can ensure your senior living facility runs smoothly with our propane services. We offer a beneficial auto fill service so you always have enough fuel for emergencies and regular use. We also provide 24/7 emergency fuel services if you have an emergency contract.

When you choose Foster Fuels, you can trust you’ll have the propane you need for your senior living facility because we have provided reliable services for over a century. Contact us today to learn more about our business and services.