Residential Propane System Maintenance

Homeowners throughout Virginia know that propane is a safe, reliable, and convenient way to heat their properties and run their water heaters, stoves, and other appliances. One of the best ways to ensure your propane system stays reliable and convenient is to invest in regular preventative maintenance from a team of knowledgeable professionals.

Foster Fuels provides propane tank and system inspections as well as ongoing service and maintenance for homes and businesses. Read on to learn more about our services.

Propane Tank and System Inspections

A propane system inspection is your first line of defense against leaks, breakdowns, inefficiency, and other potential problems. For a typical home or business, we recommend having your system and tank inspected at least once a year. During this process, our technicians will:

  • Test critical safety controls to confirm they are working properly
  • Test fuel lines for leaks that can pose a hazard and impact system performance
  • Perform a visual tank inspection to look for rust, loose fittings, and other problems
  • Confirm that the tank is level and in good working order
  • Test the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your system


Regular inspections help us identify safety hazards that can affect your propane system and any connected appliances. Inspections are also the best way of identifying problems ahead of time. By taking corrective action now, you can avoid a more expensive repair later and extend the life of your system.

Propane System Maintenance

Issues that may necessitate maintenance beyond the scope of an annual inspection include:

  • Lack of Ignition: If a propane heater is running but won’t light, it could indicate a problem with the igniter wire or the igniter itself. It could also be the result of a lack of fuel, either due to an empty tank or to damage to the system itself.
  • Pilot Light Problems: The pilot light on a propane system should burn a steady blue flame about one inch high. A yellow flame, or one that won’t stay lit, could be the result of a dirty pilot tube or other issues with your propane system.
  • Thermocouple Problems: A thermocouple is a device that helps regulate the temperature of your propane system—if it isn’t working properly, it can lead to unburned gas leaking into your home. Replacement or adjustment may be necessary as part of regular propane system maintenance.
  • Tank Problems: A propane tank should be level, free of rust, and properly set up. If necessary, we can replace individual components such as the dial chamber, regulator, or gauge—often without emptying the tank.

Individual appliances and their connectors also require periodic maintenance. If you notice any of the above problems or if your stove, water heater, or fireplace has trouble staying lit, it’s best to call a professional for service.

Why Choose Foster Fuels?

Foster Fuels has been providing fuel system service since 1921. Residential propane is one of our core specialties—with multiple locations across the state, we provide delivery, sales, and service for homes throughout Virginia. In addition to our longstanding expertise, our clients count on us for great service, affordable pricing, and trustworthy advice on anything related to propane system maintenance.


If your home runs on propane, trust the experts at Foster Fuels. Call us today to book an appointment for all your maintenance and inspection needs.

What Our Customers Say

Just a quick comment about the customer service I receive anytime I need help from your store in Rustburg on route 29. WD Holland has been extremely great at taking care of me and my family. He’s a professional courteous and always willing to help either with a purchase or just a simple question. Dale also is right there with him willing to help. These men are for sure the face of Foster Fuels!  

William Gavin

I would like to especially commend your employees Jonathan and Brandon for their courtesy and for their expertise in installing the tank where I wanted and for not damaging nearby plantings and shed. They were friendly and always most professional. I look forward to dealing with Foster Fuels in the future in large part due to the quality of your employees. Thank you. 

Parham R. Fox

Called last Tuesday to have Mike come out and look about adding a new tank. He came out Thursday. New Tank delivered this Tuesday and filled first thing this AM! Always a pleasure working with them! Polite staff and crew and always go above and beyond! Thank you for superior service! 

Laurie Duncan , Your Content Goes Here