Propane vs. Electric Water Heaters

When the water heater in your home is a great one, everyone is happy. The hot water comes on right away, and it lasts throughout a whole shower — or even two or three. It costs a reasonable amount each month, and it gives your family the peace of mind of knowing that it is

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Temporary Delivery Ticket Placement Information

To further provide a safe experience for our customers and employees, Foster Fuels has temporarily suspended leaving delivery tickets at the door. Tickets will be left inside the lid of the tank, till further notice. How will I know I've received a delivery?  Below illustrates how the ticket will be placed under the lids. A

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Does Propane Cut Emissions?

Propane is an appealing fuel for many reasons. It is a reliable, affordable, American-made fuel that can heat a home for the winter just as easily as it can power a small grill on the Fourth of July. The National Propane Gas Association estimates approximately 50 million American households use propane in some form, with 7.8 million

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COVID-19 Update

Keeping You Safe During COVID-19 Our Foster Fuels team is following comprehensive safety practices to ensure the health of our employees, customers, and community. Operations continue without interruption and your safety continues to be our top priority. We have implemented comprehensive preventative measures at our facilities and are closely following the Centers for Disease Control's

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