Propane Uses for the Fall

In the Mid-Atlantic region, fall is the season of change. As days get shorter and nights cooler, your fuel needs will change, too. At Foster Fuels, we're committed to being a year-round partner to businesses and homeowners in every region we serve. Here's a look at some of the ways our customers use propane in

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Get Your Job Done Better: The Benefits of Propane Mowers

If you haven’t heard of propane lawn mowers, these robust and economical mowers are gaining in popularity. Thanks to the portability, ease-of-use and clean-burning nature of propane, these modern lawn mowers are a smart choice for personal and professional buyers alike. Let’s walk through the many benefits of propane lawn mowers vs. gas lawn mowers,

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Can a Propane Tank Freeze?

If you rely on propane to keep your home warm and comfortable, you need to know your tank will continue to deliver the service you require of it all winter long. While most homeowners know the importance of regular preventative maintenance for a propane furnace, the tank itself is often overlooked. This can lead to

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What Does My Propane Tank’s Expiration Date Really Mean? Propane is unique among fuels in that it must be transported and stored in a special pressurized tank. This is because it will revert to its gaseous form in normal atmospheric conditions. To prevent improper storage, propane tanks are heavily regulated. Different laws exist for small propane tanks — such as those used for

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Where Does Propane Gas Come From?

When you’re sitting around a cozy living room with your family, you’re probably not giving a lot of thought to how the propane that’s heating your home got there in the first place. You know propane is an affordable and reliable source of heat. You likely also know that it’s a fossil fuel, like natural

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I Smell Propane. What Should I Do? When compared to many other home heating options, propane is a relatively safe and efficient fuel source. However, even with the modern safety measures that have been put in place, it is important to know how to handle a propane leak. Propane is a flammable gas, so even a small spark can cause it

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