Team Members Raise Money for Florida Resident

Members of our Mission Critical team recently had the opportunity to answer the prayers of a man in need.

Jim is a Florida resident who had fallen upon hard times prior to Hurricane Dorian. Having recently lost his wife to cancer and had his house foreclosed on, Jim and his son were living out of a hotel; the same hotel at which Foster Fuels’ team was staying during their deployment.

Upon learning of his situation, several team members put together a collection to help Jim get back on his feet. When the team presented this gift, Jim informed them that he had been praying for help for the last few weeks.

“We saw a guy in need and wanted to help him out,” said emergency response team leader and Chaplain, Donnie. “He had $4 left in his billfold. Our guys were in the right place to be able to answer his prayers.”

Thank you to these men for helping a man in need. We are grateful to have you on our team, and proud of the difference you make in the lives of those you meet.