BROOKNEAL, Va., August 2, 2018 –

The Watt Foster Family Foundation made a pledge of $250,000 to the Centra Foundation. This five-year commitment of $50,000 per year will be the start of a health, wellness and nutrition program in the battle of diabetes and obesity for Centra Medical Group – Brookneal. This marks the start of an initiative by Centra Health to help this serious disease in rural communities.

With diabetes being prevalent in the Brookneal area, access to this program will benefit families throughout the local community. E.W. Tibbs, President and CEO of Centra, reflected on the impact of this donation, “Healthcare is complex. These funds and their use in hiring an expert nurse navigator will ensure that our patients are better able to have what they need.” He continued, “Centra is deeply appreciative for this gift and looks forward to continuing to drive better health in the region.”

The providers and staff at Centra Medical Group – Brookneal were excited to learn of the Foster family donation through the Centra Foundation as voiced by Dr. William Jones. “This money will be used to benefit patient care in numerous ways. Our office has already come up with plans to use this money over the next five years.”

Beth Doyle, Executive Vice President of the Centra Foundation, thanked the Foster family and trustees, Jennifer Bryant-Foster and Katie Foster-Rolfe, for their generous donation, “You have made such a generous gift for the benefit of the entire Brookneal area and we are truly grateful!” Beth continued, “thank you for making such an extensive impact, and for being true leaders in philanthropy for the benefit of your treasured community.”

About the Watt Foster Family Foundation

Watt R. Foster, Jr., is the third-generation, Foster family-owner of Foster Fuels, Inc., headquartered in Brookneal, Virginia and the founder of the Watt Foster Family Foundation. The foundation annually gives to needy children, scholarships, and many local charities. As the foundation continues to grow over time, it is Foster’s intention to leave a legacy of giving for many Foster generations to come.