Foster Fuels has worked with hundreds of companies and families in central and southern Virginia providing residential, commercial, agricultural, transport and emergency fuel services for nearly 95 years.

Recently we found old memorabilia, vintage receipts, and ticket invoices dating back decades. We know that we would not be where we are today without the support and loyalty of our customers so to show our appreciation, we wanted to give our customers these 1950s invoices from their family’s patronage of our company.

For months we researched – we asked employees, neighbors, and old friends, even cold-called individuals listed in the phone book in search of finding those that these antiques belonged to.

As the search continued for ticket holders, we began building frames to protect each gift. As fragile as they are, we had to be especially careful not to rip or tear the aged paper.

We hammered clips into the backside of each in order for each recipient to hang their frames on the wall if they chose to do so. Then for each, we cut down the edges of white paper to border and neatly frame each invoice ticket. Included with each framed invoice, Watt Foster Jr., CEO of Foster Fuels, Inc. included a personal thank note to each customer for choosing to be apart of our Foster family.

With some invoice tickets even signed by our founder, Lou H. Foster Sr., these gifts are one of a kind, only a few names duplicated.

Over 100 invoice tickets have already been hand delivered or shipped, however, there are hundreds more at our office undergoing more research to discover who they belong to.

If you or your family were customers of Foster Fuels during the 1950s or 1960s and feel your family name would be listed on one of these invoice tickets, please reach out to us by calling 434-376-2322. We would greatly like to give you this one of a kind antique gift and piece of history to treasure in your home.

From everyone on staff, we would like to thank you for being our customer and for choosing to be a part of the Foster family since 1921. We hope you appreciate these as much as we appreciate you as our customer. Many things have changed over the years and we are very thankful to serve you.

Thank you for your business in the past, present and hopefully in the future.

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Post updated on January 14th, 2019