If you haven’t heard of propane lawn mowers, these robust and economical mowers are gaining in popularity. Thanks to the portability, ease-of-use and clean-burning nature of propane, these modern lawn mowers are a smart choice for personal and professional buyers alike.

Let’s walk through the many benefits of propane lawn mowers vs. gas lawn mowers, so you can find the best solution for balancing operating costs, maintenance, ease of fueling and performance.

Benefits for Many Applications

When it comes to choosing your next lawn mower, there are several factors to consider — whether you’re a regular homeowner who wants the best choice for your lawn and garden maintenance, or you run a commercial lawn mowing service and need reliable, affordable equipment that gives you the best bang for your buck. When choosing between propane and gas mowers, consider these factors:

  • Low operating costs — Consider the costs not only at purchase but over the life of the mower.
  • Ease of fueling — Is the fuel easy to find, easy to store and easy to handle?
  • Performance — Everyone wants a mower that will get the job done with minimum effort, so make sure you find one that performs well.
  • Reliability — Your mower should start up the first time, every time.

The propane mower advantages are endless, and you’ll find that their reliability, performance, ease of fueling and cost outperform many gas mowers.

Low Operating Costs

Propane typically costs approximately a third less than gas. This means you’re immediately saving money when filling your lawn mower with propane instead of gas. Add the extra cost due to gas spills and evaporation when refueling, and wasted gas that has gone stale sitting in an unused mower, and you’ll quickly experience significant cost savings.

Operating costs also include maintenance. Cooler-burning propane stresses your engine less, while also eliminating the gunk and build-up that comes from gas. You’ll spend less time cleaning and repairing your mower engine and more time using it to mow!

Ease of Fueling

While you might not have changed a propane tank on a lawn mower, you probably have changed one on a barbecue. It’s the same story. You unscrew the old tank and screw on the new one. There’s no spillage possible, thanks to the safety design of the connector. You don’t need a funnel or rags, and there’s no clean-up afterward. Propane is also already readily available in the U.S. — it’s being used in more homes, businesses and equipment every year.
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Propane by nature has slightly less power per unit than gasoline, but it also burns more efficiently. The net result is similar performance at a lower price. With no risk of your carburetor getting clogged, your engine is always going to be breathing and spinning freely. Even after pulling a propane mower out after a winter in the garage, the fuel is not going to be stale, and the engine should start right away.


One of the problems with a gasoline-burning lawn mower is that the high heat created during combustion significantly stresses the engine. These stresses will eventually wear out the engine components, and they can result in failure and costly repairs. The cooler-running nature of propane means your engine won’t see the extreme temperatures and stresses of its gasoline counterpart. This increases the reliability of your mower, which is advantageous to business owners and homeowners alike.

Should You Choose a Propane Mower?

With these factors alone, choosing a propane mower makes sense. Along with the environmental factors and the potential incentives — some local governments have programs to finance propane mower purchases or conversions — propane mowers can help you get your jobs done more efficiently and more affordable.

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