Preparing Your Propane System for The Season’s Weather

Winter Weather Propane System Preparation

Let it Snow! At Foster Fuels, we absolutely love the winter season – everything around our offices is colorful, festive, and most of all, warm. With winter right around the corner, however, some of the most common questions we hear from our customers are regarding preparation for snow and ice storms. To help make sure you’re ready, we’ve decided to put together the following pieces of advice and guidance to help ensure that you don’t get left out in the cold during a snowstorm this winter.

Propane Tank Setup and Marking

The first (and most important) way to make sure you’re ready for snow is to get your propane tank set as early as possible. The most efficient way to do this is by joining our Tank Rental program. When you join our Tank Rental program, our expert staff will help you determine what type and size of propane tank is best for your needs. We’ll also come and set the tank for you, so you just sign up and leave the details to us!

After you have your tank installed, it is important to make sure that it is properly marked so that it can be found after a snowstorm. This is essential for underground tanks, but is also important for above ground tanks, as a heavy snowstorm might render the tank virtually invisible to those doing snow removal in your area. Marking your tank is also beneficial to your fuel delivery driver, as they will be able to find and fill the tank more efficiently. Finally, if you properly mark your tank, you’ll benefit by ensuring that your tank is filled as quickly as possible, keeping your supply at optimal levels for dealing with winter snow and ice!

Weather Emergency Planning

First and foremost, it is extremely important to make sure you know how to shut off your propane supply, especially if you have a variety of different propane appliances. In the event of an emergency, you’ll want to be able to do this as quickly as possible, so you’ll also want to make sure that the path to your shut-off is not obstructed by snow or ice.
In addition to maintaining a clear path to your emergency shut-off, you’ll also want to make sure all equipment and areas of ventilation are unobstructed as well, as this will reduce the potential for them to freeze. This will also reduce the chances that inadequate ventilation will trap carbon monoxide in your home, so you’ll be able to keep your home safe both outside and inside.

In the spirit of being proactive, the best way to cover all of your bases is to create a weather emergency plan and review it with your family. This would include instructions on how to turn off any propane appliances, where any important valves or controls are located, and any other courses of action in the event of a weather emergency. Write down all of these items and keep them in a safe place for easy reference when they are most needed.

Monitor Your Propane System and Supply Levels

Make sure that you have an adequate supply of propane to last according to the worst-case scenario forecast by your source of weather information. When you keep your fuel levels as high as possible, you’ll be able to withstand the winter weather even if it is worse than anticipated.

Finally, it is very important to have your fuel tank, appliances, and any other parts of your propane system inspected periodically during and after the weather. The faster a leak or other potential problem is discovered, the faster we’ll be able to help you properly address it.

As your trusted source for all things propane, we are happy to offer GASCheck™ by our certified technicians. GASCheck™ includes a tank inspection, system leak inspection, regulator inspection, odor and pressure testing, appliance inspection, venting inspection, and valuable awareness information that can help you ensure that your propane system is safe for your family. It is also a great way to make sure your system is running efficiently!

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Whether you use propane to supplement another fuel source or it is your method of whole-home heating, it is very important to consider the details and plan ahead for winter weather. For more details about propane heat, including our tank rental program and auto-fill option, contact us today or call us at 800-344-6457.