For both residential and commercial installations, propane clothes dryers are rapidly gaining in popularity. Modern innovations to these gas-fired dryers make them increasingly efficient and economical, which has a positive impact on your wallet and the environment at the same time.

Whether you’re installing a propane dryer into new construction or replacing an existing electric dryer, manufacturers have many different sizes and capacities for all laundry drying needs. Let’s look at the benefits of propane dryers, so you can make the best-informed decision when it’s time to choose your new clothes dryer.

Save Money

With the cost of electricity constantly increasing, purchasing a new electric clothes dryer is not an appealing proposition. While not every electric home appliance can be replaced with a propane-burning version, propane is an excellent source of heat for a clothes dryer. The heat from burnt propane is more humid than heat produced from electricity, and slightly damp air can help remove wrinkles from your clothes.

Propane-fired dryers also dry your clothes more quickly than a traditional electric dryer. Overall, most consumers can expect to see a 20% reduction in energy costs when switching from an electric to a propane laundry dryer.

Save the Environment

In a country where a significant portion of electricity production is from coal-fired power plants, any appliance that can be unplugged and substituted with a cleaner-fuel option is a major advantage. Known as a ‘clean’ fuel, propane can help save over 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions every year when used to replace an electric dryer. Another benefit of modern propane dryers is that they come with advanced safety features and programming options, including moisture sensors. Your clothes will get exactly the amount of drying they need and no more.

Save Time

No one wants to spend more time than they need on laundry. Propane dryers have the benefit of being faster than an equivalent electric dryer, thanks to the high heat produced per unit of fuel. Drying times are shortened, and you can get your clothes folded and put away quickly. Propane dryers also come with all of the modern, high-tech features and options that an electric dryer has — such as programmable cycles, easy-to-read display panels and internal lights). This means laundry time is no longer as much of a chore as it used to be.

The Next Steps

Now that you understand the benefits of propane dryers vs. electric dryers, Foster Fuels can help you review the details. We’ll help you consider how the dryers are installed, what maintenance is required, and the kinds of warranties offered with each machine. It’s also important to consider the specific energy ratings for different brands and models. Every machine’s energy consumption will vary, but in general, propane can offer true savings on your yearly laundry drying budget when you’re replacing an electric machine.
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You might be looking for a compact dryer for an apartment, a family-sized unit for a house, or a heavy-duty machine for your business. Fortunately, a propane dryer exists for all of these applications. Choose the power ranges and features you need, so your machine is doing the brunt of the work for you — which is the way laundry time should be! Contact Foster Fuels for help with deciding if a propane dryer is right for you!

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Post updated on January 14th, 2019