Foster Fuels Hearth and Home History

Since 1921, Foster Fuels has grown from an ox-drawn cart delivery service to a national propane distributor, serving companies and residents during emergency situations and meeting their everyday needs. Foster Fuels first developed the Hearth and Home division of the company in 1995. Designed to hold propane inventory in a separate area other than

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Foster Fuels History Rooted In Military

Our Military Roots Foster Fuels has a long history of customers and employees that have served in the United States military including our founder, L.H. Foster Sr. and his son, L.H. Foster Jr. - L.H. Sr. served in WWI and L.H. Jr. served in WWII. During his service, L.H. Foster Jr. lost half of one

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1950’s Memorabilia Recovered and Gifted To Customers

Foster Fuels has worked with hundreds of companies and families in central and southern Virginia providing residential, commercial, agricultural, transport and emergency fuel services for more than 100 years. Recently we found old memorabilia, vintage receipts, and ticket invoices dating back decades. We know that we would not be where we are today without

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Advanced Training For Employees Sets Foster Fuels Apart

In the petroleum business, techniques and equipment are always changing. For nearly 95 years, Foster Fuels has worked hard to stay up-to-date on the latest training for all of our employees, equipping them with the knowledge and skill to best serve our local community. In our latest training, employees Darrell St. John and Evan

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The History of the Fireplace

Even though the birthday of the fireplace is unknown, they have been used for over thousands of years, beginning during the Stone Age as simple dug out holes. In earlier times, the fireplace was a necessity, serving as the hub and main heat source for the home and was relied on for cooking and

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