Propane is a clean, efficient, versatile gas that can serve as a reliable, cost-effective home energy solution. A great way to maximize the benefits of propane for new home construction or a remodeling project is by combining propane gas appliances to create a propane energy pod. A pod consists of five home energy applications: space heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking and fireplaces.

Space Heating

Propane space heating options include:

  • High-efficiency furnaces — High-efficiency propane furnaces offer the advantages of fast and easy installation and the flexibility to place them exactly where you need them. They can efficiently heat small and large homes alike.
  • High-efficiency boilers — Propane boilers are available in numerous heating capacities and are known for their compact, space-saving design and remarkable versatility.
  • Hybrid heating systems — A hybrid propane heating system is a combination of an air source or ground source heat pump and a high-efficiency propane furnace, resulting in greater energy efficiency than either unit could provide on its own.

Water Heating

A propane heating pod includes the following water heating options:

  • Tankless water heaters — A tankless propane water heater is a compact home appliance capable of delivering approximately 222 gallons of hot water per hour, representing a significant upgrade over electric storage tank water heaters.
  • Storage tank water heaters — Also compact in size, propane storage tank water heaters include energy-efficient features such as heavily insulated tanks and electronic ignition, while also offering enhanced hot water delivery capabilities.

Clothes Drying

Drying clothes with a propane-powered dryer can reduce energy consumption by up to 20 percent, while also providing faster drying times than most electric dryers on the market. Many propane dryers also include innovative features such as drum lights for increased visibility, LED control screens for simplified operation and steam cycles that minimize wrinkling.


Propane ranges and ovens deliver the same high level of performance as when cooking with natural gas appliances. Space-saving propane cooking appliances are available in numerous design styles that will make for an attractive addition to any home, whether it’s a new construction or a complete kitchen remodel.


With efficiency ratings topping 90 percent, propane fireplaces can offer substantial energy savings in comparison to wood-burning or electric units. You’ll stay warmer while also lowering your energy bill in the process. You’ll also appreciate the attractive red flame emitted by a propane-burning fireplace. Propane fireplaces are available in a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor models, making them a favorite design feature for new and remodeled homes.

Foster Fuels Can Provide High-Quality Propane for New Home and Renovation Projects

Of course, you’ll need a reliable source of fuel to power the appliances in your propane energy pod. Whether you’re implementing a propane upgrade for a home remodeling project or constructing a new residence from the ground up, you can count on Foster Fuels for all of your propane needs. We offer prompt propane delivery service at affordable prices. And with our auto fill program, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel during peak demand periods.

Contact Foster Fuels to learn more about our programs for fueling your propane energy pod today.

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Post updated on January 14th, 2019