Foster Fuels’ Guide to Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter

As the leaves turn and we know that winter is coming, the annual battle against Jack Frost resumes in earnest. This battle is waged on two fronts: our houses and our wallets. Fortunately for us, victory on one front means victory on the other. Finding ways to make your house more energy efficient, and therefore

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Foster Fuels Winter Heat Checklist

As fall fades and winter creeps in, it’s vital to make sure your heating system is fully operational. Many homes use propane for a number of purposes, including running appliances, space heaters, water heaters, backup power, fireplaces and more. As you get ready for cold weather, here’s a checklist for your propane heating system: Propane

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Grilling at the Big Game? Read These Propane Safety Tips for Tailgaters

Everyone enjoys a good tailgate before the big game. These stadium-side parties include tents, chairs, food, drink and much more. They also typically feature a propane grill for tailgating, one that helps make fantastic food. However, that propane grill can be a safety hazard if it’s not properly cared for. Have a fun, safe and

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Pilot Light Problems? Let Us Help!

What is a pilot light? A pilot light is a small, constantly burning flame within most propane appliances. The only time pilot lights aren’t included is when an appliance has an electric ignition instead. When needed, a pilot light is used to ignite the main burner in your appliance. Without this, your heater system, dryer,

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Emergency Response Division Ready

Even though Hurricane Joaquin is no longer expected to make landfall on the US, the East Coast is still preparing for high winds and potential flooding over the weekend and next week. Equipped and experienced to combat storms of this size and nature, Foster Fuels, Inc. has also prepared and is ready to deploy our

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Prepare for Heavy Rain and Possible Flooding

With heavy rain expected, now is the time to prepare your home for power outages and potential flooding. Use these tips to best help prepare you and your family for potentially serious weather. Order your tank fill early: During bad weather, our timeframe for delivery may be delayed – that’s why it’s important to order your

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Protect Your Investment With Propane Grill Maintenance Tips

Proper barbecue grill maintenance seems obvious to many of us. There’s nothing less appetizing then seeing dried, burnt food on a grill when you’re about to cook a juicy steak, fresh fish or tasty vegetables. But there’s a lot more to proper propane grill maintenance than keeping the cooking surface clean. When the nice weather

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Advanced Training For Employees Sets Foster Fuels Apart

In the petroleum business, techniques and equipment are always changing. For nearly 95 years, Foster Fuels has worked hard to stay up-to-date on the latest training for all of our employees, equipping them with the knowledge and skill to best serve our local community. In our latest training, employees Darrell St. John and Evan Hodnett

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Preparing Your Propane System for The Season’s Weather

Winter Weather Propane System Preparation Let it Snow! At Foster Fuels, we absolutely love the winter season – everything around our offices is colorful, festive, and most of all, warm. With winter right around the corner, however, some of the most common questions we hear from our customers are regarding preparation for snow and ice

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